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Earth Green Medicine Lodge is a spiritual center offering year round retreats
and workshops to individuals, couples and groups in search of a deeper
spiritual consciousness. Teachings at the Lodge aim to promote
clarity of mind, right relations, and proper action and living in
harmony with oneself, others and nature. Activities include
prayer, meditations, drumming, singing and chanting.

Traditional ceremonies, of sweat lodge, medicine fires and dream circles,
dreaming with the drum, and private consultations all to create a new
healing consciousness for our minds, body and spirit .

We encourage steps toward personal transformation, assistance in finding
your particular Medicine Path of self healing and integration; as you
develop your individual skills. We are based on a firm commitment
for harmony in one’s life and that same approach to others for
the care of our Mother Earth.

The lodge can be found just off The Blue Ridge Parkway north of Asheville adjoining The Pisgah National Forest. Come and share with us some
time to listen, learn, heal and grow.




May 7, 1935 –
January 11, 2013

Christmas Party
December 18, 2013

You can write us at:
Earth Green Medicine Lodge
Postal Box 7
Micaville, North Carolina 28755
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